The Three Word Answer Interview

header03.pngRecently I’ve been interviewed in some depth by humorous blogger and author Blonde Write More and found myself giving answers that were characteristically full. I’ve also watched an old episode of Doctor Who where Clara is required to give one-word answers in a clever scene. Hence this!

Why did you grow up wanting to be a writer?

Loved my dad.

What inspired to be a writer when you were teaching?

Morpurgo’s emotional stories.

How did you become an author?

Wrote about alopecia.


Why write for children?

Can be playful.

Why write for teenagers?

To be different.

Why write for adults?

Explore interior lives.


Why a short story collection?

Investigation, change, challenge.


What types of short story can we find in RAVELLED?

1.     Grief, consolation, mistake

2.     Unlikely friendship, festive

3.     Surreal snapshot, impulse

4.     First love unrequited

5.     Dreamy, lyrical fable

6.     Humour with twist

7.     Whose past anyway?

8.     Disturbing mystery solved

9.     Fairy tale modernised


What’s your favourite and why?

Ravelled: fictionalised autobiography.

What’s the best contemporary short story you’ve read?

Isis in Darkness (Atwood).


What are you writing now?

Children’s sci-fi.


What do you hope for as a writer?

Connection with readers.


What makes great writing?

Depth, authenticity, flair.

What do you aim to avoid?

Cliché, emptiness, manipulation.


What have you learned about the book trade?

Brutal, shallow, unimaginative.

What do you enjoy about working with children as an author in school?

Originality, openness, energy.


After 27 books, why keep writing?

Love, learning, Leslie.


How, as an author, would you like to be remembered?

Powerful individual voice.

How, as a person, would you like to be remembered?

Activist for change.

Do the two ever overlap?

Only every day.












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