INSTEAD is a new collection of short stories for adults to follow RAVELLED and WOKEN.

There are stories set in the past and in the present, and you will notice a range of styles – but no fairy tales or fables this time, no fantasy or magic realism. With INSTEAD I’m keeping it real. Whatever the arc, genre or seed of each story, I believe they all offer hope as well as humanity – because if we are to make a better world to share, then humanity is where hope lies.

“Vivid, sensitive” “deeply tender” “delicate humour” ” richly-drawn characters” “all managed without sentimentality or sordidness, revealing Sue Hampton’s supreme skill in the art of the short story”

“superb” “poignant, evocative, haunting” “Sue Hampton’s characters draw you in, leaving you asking more of them; their fragility makes them all the more real – all the more like us. Wonderful.”

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Here’s the start of a review by award-winning book blogger, Linda Hill:

“Sue Hampton is an astounding writer. She takes the constrained boundaries of the short story in Instead and makes them into something magical. Within a very few words Sue Hampton draws in the reader and immerses them in the lives of her characters who feel real, human and flawed. This is such beautifully crafted writing that I can see myself returning to the collection time and again and finding something new each visit; a nuance, a meaning, a feeling that I may have missed the first time. The stories in Instead seem to operate on many levels.
Sue Hampton writes with what feels to me like great humanity. ”




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