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INTACT is the story of Mags, whose husband leaves her as she is about to turn sixty, and whose relationships with men have resulted in four children and some painful memories. Mags intended to be an artist but she’s been a muse instead. As her life restructures itself again she remembers  the foster child who loved her but was rejected by her father because he wasn’t a proper boy.  Perhaps, having lost Georgie, she can find him again, and recover the person she meant to be.


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2 reviews for INTACT

  1. Jill HIPSON

    I loved this book. It particularly spoke to me about the particular ache experienced by middle aged mothers whose adult children are now busy with their own lives and don’t always turn up when expected, or who are unexpectedly prickly or less than affectionate. Mags has had a rich and varied life, and oddly enough the book makes me feel that her real independent life is just beginning, with the fledging later life relationship with the love of her life. Sue has created her darkest villain yet, the controlling and unpleasant bully “Daddy” who constantly haunts Mags’s thoughts.

  2. Carole Tongue

    Well all I can say is you had better write a sequel ! I read your lovely book in 3 sittings or thereabouts. I particularly liked your characterisation of Mags’ father…sad for me but a tad like my stepfather and such a realistic a portrayal. Most of all I loved Mags’ kindness to Georgie when they were children…that moved me so much and I can so imagine how the pure kind love nurtured then could carry forward for a lifetime. The trials and tribulations of being a Mum was so well portrayed. Well done you.

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