Just For One Day

Joe Wright has a great dad, a fat hamster but no mum. Life has already been turned upside down, but the new rhythm is about to be broken. His problem is Wayne, the crazy friend he never chose. Also known as Slug, Wayne is an embarrassment and a liability – so different that bully Mark Hansome picks on him more than anyone else. School gets harder and more complicated, and when events reach a dramatic climax, Joe isn’t sure he’s brave enough for the role his mum would want him to play. But on and off the cricket pitch, Joe finds himself taking control.
Joe’s teenage cousin Rachel knows how Wayne feels, because she’s a target too. As Fay and Ashleigh step up their hate campaign, she must learn to be tough. Rachel is skinny, but she’s also fast. When late night running leads her into danger and front page headlines, Rachel is a local hero. But for a teenager in love, with a mother who worries about her and a dad she can’t forgive, the drama isn’t over yet.
JUST FOR ONE DAY is about courage, the kind that really counts.

Michael Morpurgo