Lap of the Gods

Dark but inspiring, LAP OF THE GODS will take you into an ancient world of cruelty, fine culture, superstition and injustice. Climaxing at the Olympiad, this is a historical adventure, a fast-paced thriller and a love story – with all the drama, tragedy, twists and heroism of the plays its characters would have enjoyed at the nearest amphitheatre.

Abandoned as a baby on the Athens hillside, Damastor is a slave with the physique of a god. He couldn’t be more different from Lysias, his young master, who is as witty and clever as Damastor is fast and strong. The two boys become unlikely friends as they grow up in the same household with very different roles and prospects. And sharing their affection is Corinna, who has a mind and voice of her own at a time when the richest of women go unheard.