The Lincoln Imp

Dropped by the wind in Jake’s garden, the Lincoln Imp causes HAVOC. He’s small but wild, a magical trickster and practical joker. For Jake, whose life has changed since his baby brother arrived, the Imp is a secret friend and a righter of wrongs…

The Lincoln Imp will make you smile.

Review by Graham Taylor OBE, ex-manager of Lincoln City F.C. as well as England:
“What an excellent read! … It describes family situations that all of us would recognise. But the star of the story is the Lincoln Imp: mischievous, funny, sometimes naughty, loveable, and of course, mysterious. Do we all have an imp inside us? Sue Hampton is to be congratulated on creating a story of such warmth and humour (and the occasional teardrop) that I would recommend it to any member of the family – and particularly those with impish behaviour!”


The Lincoln Imp


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