Ongalonging/The Snowgran

ONGALONGING: In the strange world of ONGALONGING there are greedy volcanoes and flowers with big ideas. There’s a dragon who once blew bubbles, and a broken-nosed fairy with a tool kit who’s heading for the centre of the earth. Not all the unicorns are white and not all the mobes remember who they are. Deep in the bracken is a sour and growling metrognome whose head beats time, and the skies are bright with flutterpasts who live and die in one glorious day. And there to help them all is Oops the clumsy ongalong, sometimes drippy and often confused.
Full of colour, humour and riotous imagination, this is a fantasy that s closer to reality than it seems.

THE SNOWGRAN: A new year starts with a funeral but bursts into a very special kind of life as Hattie, James and Beth meet a great-gran they hardly knew. Winter turns white, and the figure they build in their garden becomes a snowgran with personality and a past. Whizz is back, and the magic begins. As the children grow closer by moonlight to the remarkable snowgran, their world starts to change. Time is on the move, and love doesn’t end.

This was Sue’s first double flip-over book.


Ongalonging/The Snowgran


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