Spirit and Fire

Michael Morpurgo’s review of Spirit and Fire:
“An enthralling account of the Roman occupation of Britain. A powerfully written debut in a novel that lingers long.”

It is AD 60 and a young Celtic girl is caught in the crossfire of Roman Britain at war. Aifa is a thinker whose quietness and fears inspire her warrior father to call her Mouse. But when she is captured and sold as a slave to a Roman household in Londinium, she learns unexpected courage.
Her new life is alien, cruel and unjust, and the favour she finds with her highborn mistress breeds resentment among her fellow slaves. As she faces bullying, humiliation and many dangers, her faith in the goddess Epona sustains her. But finally she is alone. Can she survive hunger, pain and sickness to find what she is looking for?
An action adventure with depth and heart.
Sue’s first novel is dedicated to a modern-day child victim of the Vietnam War who became a peace activist.
One of Sue’s early thrills as an author was visiting St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in Watford and finding a display board about Aifa’s story and the facts the book had taught the class.
Boys as young as eight enjoy the excitement but one teenage girl told Sue, “I’ve read it three times because Aifa’s such a great character.”


Spirit and Fire


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