An eco-thriller and love story, START is a novel that stands alone. But it’s also the sequel that readers of SHUTDOWN have been asking for, and takes Sam, Lia and Rory six years further into the future – into a world that’s more controlling but also more at risk. Green activists are the targets of the latest bombing technology. Anyone anywhere can be mugged for carbon credits. And Europe is suffering a heat wave that breaks all records.
At a time when Planet Earth is under threat, and the charismatic Zed Harrow puts a dangerous spin on its destruction, Rory has love to declare. A burnt-out pop star clinging to a celebrity lifestyle, he can’t forget Lia, the voice and face of Eco Now. As he heads for the relocated Rainbow Dreams community with a mission of his own, something tells Rory no good can come of it.

Dark, shocking and hauntingly powerful, START is a warning that will inspire you.

START is the sequel to SHUTDOWN and is set a few years after the events of that book. Readers expecting SHUTDOWN 2 will be in for a shock. I found START to be thought provoking, exciting, challenging and, at times, uncomfortable. I’m not afraid to admit that, at the end, I had a tear in my eye. I won’t spoil the story by revealing the plot but trust me, when I say you are in for a treat. The writing is pure verbal dexterity. SHUTDOWN is excellent, but START is the icing on the cake.
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