The Biggest Splash (eBook)

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This is a “Pay what you feel” book. Buy it for whatever you think it’s worth.

Four famous women from different generations meet one bright Westminster morning to make a difference. As they travel across London, they reconnect with the experiences that have brought them to a shared decision – one that will shock the world.

In this passionate novel about power and change, four vivid and memorable characters exploit their celebrity in a way that will move and inspire you.

Pay what you feel

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The Biggest Splash (eBook)

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1 review for The Biggest Splash (eBook)

  1. Jill Hipson (verified owner)

    A Bigger Splash Review
    This is the only book I have ever read in my life which made me decide, as soon as I reached the end, that I must immediately go back to the beginning and read it again.
    I couldn’t believe how I had missed the clues at the beginning which pointed towards the startling and unexpected ending.
    This book works on several levels. It is a tale of female friendship over several generations and intertwined lives. It shows how love can go wrong and how some people are acutely aware of the mess that humankind is making of our planet, while others are totally oblivious. I found more things in it on the second reading, which I had overlooked the first time round. The book, as always for Sue’s novels, is beautifully written with strong female characters.
    I do think that maybe Sue could have done more to develop the theme of campaigners battling against ecocide, and used the Suffragettes more strongly as the inspiration which drove the four friends. The book is a short one and maybe there is a bigger book lurking beneath the surface. Polemic is noticeably absent – maybe Sue felt that her intended audience would be so familiar with the issues that they wouldn’t need any introduction?

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