Thinner than Water

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Kim Braddock and Fizzy Duvall have never met. Kim’s a passionate footballer with a repertoire of impressions, a temper and a dark sense of humour. Fizzy’s a shy, romantic idealist who wants to please everyone. All they have in common is a very big city, one black parent and one white – and the same fifteenth birthday. When their identities are overturned, they form a bond that changes them both as two families struggle with the truth. But as conflict deepens, is their connection strong enough to survive?

Sue’s novel was sparked by an item in the news not so long ago, about two girls in Russia. She’s used imagination, not research, so this story isn’t theirs, but she’s dedicated the book to them.

Contemporary, insightful, humorous and touching, Sue Hampton has written an authentic picture of what it’s like to be mixed-race London teenagers on opposite sides of the social tracks.’
Christine O’Brien, Golden Egg Academy


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Thinner than Water



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