Twinside Out

Max and Sophie Keeper are twins, but they couldn’t be more different. Teasing, squabbling and competing, they find it hard to share. When they discover a strange book at the school fair, their lives are no longer their own. They find themselves transported on a series of adventures that go deep and are never quite left behind. Through these magic transformations they glimpse answers to such questions as: Why is Auntie Chris so moody? Why is Garibaldi the cat so fat, and where does he go at night? What was it like to be Roman soldier guarding Hadrian’s Wall? How does it feel to be Razor, who finds school work hard, or a baby elephant that has lost its mother? And what is the world really like if you’ve become a spider?
For both twins, it’s a learning experience, not least when a family tragedy brings the story to a climax and Sophie finds herself quite literally in a dead woman’s shoes.


Twinside Out


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