Voice of the Aspen

Motherless Grace Rutherford grows up in Victorian Hertfordshire with servants for friends, and a loving lawyer father who makes powerful enemies by fighting injustice. When a wild and wordless boy is found bleeding in the woods beyond her home, no one knows who he is, where he comes from or why he is so afraid.
Though he learns to read, write and play the young gentleman, he remains silent and wary, making enemies of his own in a world to which he can never belong. But can he ever go home? And if he does, what is left for him there?
Voice of the Aspen is an adventure full of drama and emotion.
More, with spoiler alert…
Sue grew up fascinated by Native American culture and amazed by the contrast between the Wild West and Victorian Britain – two completely different ways of life from different sides of the world yet belonging to the same time in history! Dances with Wolves is one of her favourite films and began a deeper interest in the Lakota Sioux. She loves the idea of God as The Great Mystery.


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Voice of the Aspen



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