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WOKEN is Sue’s follow-up to RAVELLED. It’s another varied collection of short stories for adults, and as always love is there in many forms, but this time it’s for where we are, now, at this time on Earth.

From Jeremy Vine: ‘Bewitchingly beautiful — Sue uses words like a paintbrush, and with two or three strokes her characters come alive. So well written.’

Here’s what authors, teachers and other readers have said about the stories in WOKEN:

another modern masterwork   humblingly brilliant in conception and delivery    a powerful, poignant range of stories   wonderfully uplifting   beautiful, evocative, lyrical   heartbreaking

one hell of a narrative   I have no idea how I fell in love with four characters in so few words

delightful…emotionally charged   sparse, sharp writing conceals a depth of emotion   writing deft, deep and rich   living characters   a brave story   very Zeitgeist

exquisitely written  full of stunning description   vividly told  I enjoy this author for her creative skill in using words as if they were paints on a varied palette  interwoven with humour  

a moving meditation… short story writing at its finest   a wonderful piece of writing, clever, funny, engaging and gentle   incisive  dynamic, engaging and impossible to put down her almost preternatural ability to step into the shoes – the lives – of every character she introduces… She is a sharp observer of the entire human experience, treating her creations with a remarkable tenderness and reverence even while she peels them to the bone  Woken is a powerful read. The stories are stronger, more testing and thought-provoking than Ravelled.



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1 review for Woken

  1. John Carver (Engineer and Author)

    “To my mind Sue is an expert painter, painting specific scenes accurately and beautifully with words. The underlying emotional attributes are likewise accurately invoked in the reader and easily appreciated. I enjoyed every story in Woken with its nod to the present time and relevant issues, almost PC, so should cause no offence! At some time or another everyone has experiences like these stories describe. Wonderful!”

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